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KEPServerEX V6.9 Release Brings Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Have you upgraded your KEPServerEX to the latest 6.9 version? Read on to learn about the main enhancements. For download, please click the button at the end of this article.

One of the key advantages of KEPServerEX is the fact that its manufacturer, the company PTC, continuously improves it and provides full technical support for it.

What does the latest 6.9 version bring? Among other things it fixes bugs from previous versions. Specifically, this includes:

Server Runtime

  • Added a new device level system tag “_ActiveTagCount” that gives the number of active tags for the specific device.
  • When loading the default.opf file from disk, the time stamp of the file no longer changes unless the file is from an older version (or is changed and saved).

Server Configuration

  • Remote configuration of the runtime is no longer supported. The Server Configuration is used to configure local runtime environments.
  • Fixed an issue with German language text truncation in the Options dialog.

Server Administration

  • Added support for deleting custom users and groups (default users and groups cannot be deleted).
  • Any member of the Administrators group can now import and export users and groups. This functionality is no longer limited to the built-in Administrator user.
  • Removed support for resetting administrative passwords over the command line.
  • Added text on the Service Ports page to clarify that port changes require a server restart.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 6.7 where importing users could cause the Server Configuration to crash.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Settings dialog to close if the language was changed.
  • Descriptions are no longer visible in the User Manager tab and can only be viewed by editing user or group properties.

Configuration API

  • Fixed an issue where the configuration API could crash when under performance stress.
  • Added support for deleting custom users and groups (default users and groups cannot be deleted).
  • Fixed GET request filtering results by object type.

All Drivers

  • Added the property “Static Tags” to channels and devices.This reports the total number of static tags defined for the object and everything under it.

ThingWorx Native Interface

  • Fixed an issue where the ThingWorx Native Interface would silently drop updates.
  • Added support for 64-bit data types.

IoT Gateway

  • Updated Java third-party libraries to address security vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed an issue where license status was incorrectly reported as “unlicensed” in the Agent properties.
  • Fixed an issue where Boolean values reported to the server with underlying non-zero values except  '-1' were reported as ‘false’ by agents.
  • Resolved issue with the Rest Client Agent “Publish as Media Type” didn't match the option set in the Configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where a deadlock could occur during explicit reads.

Industrial Data Forwarder for Splunk

  • Fixed an issue where license status was incorrectly reported as “unlicensed” in the IDF Connection properties.

OPC UA Client

  • Added support for importing and reading the following OPC UA nodes:
    • ApplicationDescription
    • EnumValueType
    • EUInformation
    • Range
    • ServiceCounterDataType
    • TimeZone
  • Added ability to read value attributes within extension objects of supported data types (see product help file for list of supported types).
  • Enhanced support for reading additional members of Server Diagnostics, ServerDiagnosticsSummary, SessionDiagnostics, SessionSecurityDiagnostics, and SubscriptionDiagnostics.
  • Fixed an issue where the interface would always report the value of elements in Boolean arrays as FALSE.

For a full list of enhancements and bug fixes, please go to the Kepware website. If you have purchased the Support & Maintenance program and would like to upgrade your KEPServerEX, please feel free to download its latest version below.

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