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We have been researching and monitoring PROFINET networks since 2010. Our experienced professionals have received training in many parts of the world. Today we are proud that we can share our knowledge with our customers and provide first-class PROFINET training for them.

We invested a great deal in analysers from various companies and tested them to be able to offer our customers only the best ones. We have analysed thousands of PROFINET networks and tens of thousands of PROFINET stations, so we know how to monitor them as effectively as possible.

We had always dreamt of providing PROFINET monitoring services for ŠKODA AUTO. Our dream did come true. Relying on our considerable expertise, we developed a ThingWorx-based IIoT solution that continuously monitors hundreds of PROFINET networks and over 25,000 PROFINET stations on the ŠKODA AUTO factory floor. It is no exaggeration to say that our solution is the largest of its kind and the most user-friendly in the world.

FOXON offers
  • Consultancy services with regard to continuous monitoring of PROFINET IO industrial networks
  • The design and implementation of solutions for continuous monitoring of PROFINET IO networks
  • The implementation of PROFINET IO network condition monitoring projects
  • The implementation of our own solution for PROFINET network monitoring based on the ThingWorx IoT platform
  • The implementation of solutions that rely on standard PROCENTEC products
  • The implementation of temporary solutions for PROFINET and Ethernet/IP network monitoring, for example for network debugging

Would you like to embark on your own PROFINET network monitoring journey?

We will be happy to discuss this with you. Please feel free to contact us.

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