How to Analyse and Repair PROFINET and Ethernet/IP Networks
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Discover Hidden Problems on Your Industrial Network

Are you familiar with the health of your PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT or Ethernet networks?

Especially in large installations fault finding can be a very time-consuming job. Detect and localise problems on your network in time so that you can deal with them before your production is brought to a halt.


  • Is your network experiencing intermittent problems?
  • Do you want to prevent unexpected network failures and unplanned downtime?
  • Are you installing a new industrial network or having it delivered by a supplier?
  • Are you managing a large number of PROFINET networks? Is this making it hard for you to get a clear insight into their health?
  • Are you operating a PROFINET network on your key production line, where prolonged unplanned downtime is unacceptable?

These are situations that call for network diagnostics. And even if your networks are in good condition, network diagnostics should be part and parcel of your preventative maintenance.

How to Go About It

One-off diagnosis

On PROFINET and Ethernet networks the most common problems include wiring issues and damaged cables. To be able to assess the condition of your network, we need to have detailed information about it. This information will become available to us through the so-called active and passive diagnostics.

    • You can test your cables and connectors using the Navitek IE analyser. It evaluates the condition of cables and generates a test report for every measurement. This tester is a must for everyone who works with PROFINET networks because it:

      • Pinpoints cable faults
      • Identifies wiring issues (e.g. split pairs, opens, shorts and miswires)
      • Generates test reports
      • Enables you to set device name
      • Allows you to reset a device to factory defaults
      • Offers the device LED flash function for locating devices faster


    • For active diagnostics, including information about network problems and analysis of individual stations, you can use the Italian PNT-PROFINET Tool software, which is now available also in Czech language. There is currently no other reasonably priced program on the market that will offer you such a broad range of information about the health of your networks.


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    • If you want to have a comprehensive overview of the condition of your network, you also have to perform passive diagnostics. To be able to do that, you need to use the PNT-PROFINET Tool in combination with the EtherTap TAP adapter. This will provide you with such information as port usage, packets lost, jitter and other details.


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    • Are you managing both PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks? Then you will benefit from the MERCURY industrial tablet, designed specifically for PROFIBUS and PROFINET diagnostics. It features all the necessary connectors and pre-installed software for the analysis of both PROFIBUS and PROFINET, so it has everything that you need.


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    Continuous monitoring

    When it comes to your key production lines, especially the ones running non-stop, every network failure means a substantial production loss. With continuous diagnostics of PROFINET, Ethernet and Ethernet/IP networks, your production lines will be monitored 24/7. You will have access to online data through user-friendly visualisations. And if something out of the ordinary is about to happen, you will get an alert notification, for example, via email.

    • To those who need to permanently monitor their PROFINET and/or Ethernet networks, we recommend purchasing the ATLAS analyser for continuous active network diagnostics, from the company PROCENTEC. On user-friendly dashboards you will see such information as network topology, device list, port status and usage, cable length, data traffic and many other details. In 2020, in cooperation with PROCENTEC, we translated the ATLAS interface into Czech, so it is now much easier to use.


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    • To carry out passive diagnostics of PROFINET and/or Ethernet networks, you need to use the ATLAS analyser in combination with the EtherTap TAP adapter. The adapter will provide even a deeper insight into the health of your network. Ideally, it should be installed between the PLC control system and the rest of the network. The adapter can be connected for an unlimited time, so you will gain non-stop access to the following information – stations lost, port usage, packet types, jitter, etc.


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    Learn how to take a better care of your networks

    Would you like to get a deeper insight into your networks? Sign up for our PROFINET training. You will learn how to analyse and monitor your networks.

    Need help with your networks?

    Leave it up to us! Our qualified technicians have analysed over 3,500 industrial networks and will be happy to share their knowledge with you. We will carry out diagnostics of your PROFINET and/or Ethernet network, provide you with a detailed test report and propose options for dealing with problems detected.

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